Ladies Hair Treatment Adelaide

Has your hair lost its shine and is looking a bit dry and damaged lately?



A fresh cut and colour might solve the problem but we also recommend a good nourishing hair treatment. At Underground Hair we have a Micro Mist treatment that allows for a deeper conditioning to promote healthier hair. The machine hood covers your hair and produces a mist that deeply hydrates and replenishes every hair on your head. It’s a luxe experience that leaves your hair feelings full and soft.


Permanent Straightening

If you have really unruly hair that requires more taming than the average hair straightener can produce – we have you covered. We have been chemically straightening hair for years and we understand the problem that curly, thick and “can’t be tamed” hair can be! 

Permanent straightening (known to some as chemical straightening or hair relaxing) is the process of permanently straightening hair with chemicals. This means not having to use a straightener every day and taming those curls for a long long time! 



Perming has been a popular choice for ladies with curl envy over the years. We absolutely love a gorgeous curl and we’re happy to say that we can help you achieve that gorgeous curly look you are after!

Perming is a chemical process similar to straightening. Heat and chemicals are applied to the hair to break and reform the hair structure whilst it is wrapped around a rod or mould to recreate the shape. The results can vary! So bring in your images and let us know exactly what kind of curl you are after so we can achieve your ideal look.

We start every perm with a consult and quote to assure you receive the best service.


Ready to permanently revive, straighten or curl your hair?

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