Mens Hair Colour Adelaide

Colour is NOT just for ladies. Here at Underground Hair we colour just as many men as we do ladies! Whether you’re looking to cover up some greys, change colour completely or add some highlights to your look, we have you coloured.


Full Head Colour

A full head colour will change your entire look. Whether we are covering up some grey hairs or turning your black hair into blonde. A full head colour will vary in price depending on the length of your hair.



What are foils?

Foils are strips of aluminium foil like what you would find in a kitchen. Foils are cut in to strips wide enough to cover a big section of hair. The mixed colour is applied to a section of hair whilst the foil is placed underneath. A hairdresser will apply the colour to the hair against the foil, and then fold the foil around the section of hair to keep it seperate from the uncoloured or different coloured hair. Therefore, foils allow the hairdresser to create natural highlights or lowlights or very bright monochromatic colours for a dramatic pop. Foils also allow the hairdresser to apply multiple colours to the hair in one sitting as the colour will not touch and mix.


Types of Foils

There are four different techniques to foiling: highlights, painting or balayage, frosting and chunking. Highlights are more natural looking and blended with the natural colour. Painting or balayage is a trend where the ends are a different colour to the top of the hair. Frosting is more common on shorter hair where just the tips are highlighted. Finally, chunking is the random selection of chunks of hair to which we add a colour and the result is quite thick.


The Cap

The legendary cap. The cap is a method used to add highlights or colour to the tips of short hair. It is most common on males as it is used for shorter hair.


Interested in changing your colour?

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